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For Best Results



1) uncap whitening pen and gently twist bottom until serum appears on the brush (takes a couple of extra spins on first use)

2) gently paint each tooth from top to bottom (like you're using nail polish or water colors!)

3) smile wide for 15 seconds to let the serum activate

4) your application is complete! Simply allow the serum to work its magic for about 10 minutes

5) swish some water around and rise serum off

6) hold off on eating or drinking for about 15 more minutes for best results!


once your whitening pen has worked its magic to fight stains and reveal your beautiful white smile, it becomes easy to maintain your hollywood shine!

apply once a day (or every other) to maintain brightness and protect against staining so you can enjoy those essential morning coffees and the occasional wine night... or maybe not so occasional (we don't judge, we safeguard your smile)!