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Klear Whitening Pen™ - KLEAR
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Klear Whitening Pen™

What Is Refresh?

Most teeth whitening companies won't tell you this... But the secret to a long-lasting, unforgettably white smile is maintenance.

Which is why we've created the easiest and most effective way to not only transform your smile, but to keep it healthy and glowing bright white.

The key is to stay consistent but that can be hard when you have a ton going on. Refresh delivers fresh Whitening Wands right to your door each month so you can always be smiling in style!

How it works

1. Twist

remove top and twist until
serum appears

2. Apply

brush super serum onto teeth
and wait 5-10 min

3. Rinse

swish some water around
and rinse serum off

4. Smile

show off your jaw-droppingly
white smile


Your wallet & teeth
will thank you

Try now risk-free
for 90 days!

98.2% of our customers report a whiter smile after their first use. But if you're in the 1.8% that don't, we'll give you your money back!